Offshore Safety With


Core Training Requirements (all personnel)

1.  Job Specific Skills & Knowledge Verification/Assessment
All employees must have adequate skills and knowledge to perform their assigned job duties in a safe and compliant manner.
     This must be reviewed annually, or as job duties change.  Supporting documentation must be maintained on file
for each employee.

2.  Offshore Safety Awareness Training (SafeGulf or Equivalent) Shall Include the following:
Accident Prevention, Signs & Tags, Back Safety, Confined Space, Bloodborne Pathogens, Drug & Alcohol, Electrical Safety, Fall 
     Protection, Fire Prevention & Extinguishers, Hand Safety, Hazwoper First Responder, Awareness, Hearing Conservation, Hazard
     Communication, Incident Reporting & Investigation, Lockout/Tagout, Permitting, PPE, Walking/Working Surfaces, JSA, Stop Work

3.  Apache Offshore Safety Orientation & Safe Work Practices Video

        (Click HERE For English Video)   or   (Click HERE For Spanish Video)

4.  Marine Trash & Debris (NTL No. 2002 - G13)  click HERE to view video

5.  Water Survival with HUET & Swing Rope Transfer (Vessel Crews & Divers DO NOT require HUET)


Non-Core Training Requirements Specific To Job Title
(REAGAN ~ Compressor Mechanic)

1.  Production Safety Systems   (30 CFR SubPart O) - Classroom, Instructor Led

2.  Fall Protection   (OSHA 1926.500) and shall include Rescue Planning - (Hands-On Demonstration of Practical Skills Required)

3.  Fire Fighting Incipient   (OSHA 1910.157)  - (Hands-On Demonstration of Practical Skills Required)  

4.  Rigger Training   (API RP 2D - Qualified Rigger)  - (Hands-On Demonstration of Practical Skills Required) 


Apache Offshore Safety Orientation

The Apache Offshore Safety Orientation is provided to communicate Apache's safety
and environmental expectations.  The Apache Offshore Safety Orientation Video is
required of all personnel going offshore.


All personnel must view the Apache Offshore Safety Orientation Video (Click Here For English Video) or (Click Here For Spanish Video)
prior to going offshore.  This applies to all Contractors and Visitors.

After viewing the video, personnel must complete and sign the Apache Offshore Safety Orientation Verification Form and load orientation information (date) in the ISNetworld TQ (Training Qualifier) System.  Proof of orientation will be the completed Apache Offshore Safety Orientation Verification Form. 

REAGAN Employees:  After signing verification form, scan and email to and cc: .

Although there is no expiration date for this process, Apache may require viewing of updated orientation video(s), new forms and ISNetworld TQ (Training Qualifier) System.

The Facility Site Specific Orientation will be given once on the Apache facility or location following procedures in Section G Chapter 1 Part A.

Once on location the contract employee will be given a Facility Site Specific Orientation which will identify safety expectations, emergency information, hazard information and general facility requirements.

Apache Safety Policy  Click Here

Apache Environmental Policy  Click Here

Apache Stop Work Authority Click Here

Apache Contractor Training Requirements Matrix  Click Here

Apache Safe Work Practices  -  Click Here

Apache Safety Alerts  -  Click Here

Apache Worldwide EH&S Standards Click Here

Apache FRC Policy:

Employees, contractors and visitors are required to wear FRC when conducting drilling, well servicing or production related operations when the potential exist for flash fires. On Apache offshore platforms, personnel shall wear FRC when working outside of personnel quarters, if the platform processes, contains or has the potential to contain any quantity of hydrocarbons. In addition, all drilling/workover rig personnel, wireline, snubbing, and P&A crews as well as liftboat personnel are required to conform with this directive. Due to certain work environments, some exceptions do apply:

FRC shall meet the requirements of NFPA 2112 (Category 2) standards for flame resistant garments. The outer most layer of clothing must be FRC and long sleeved. Apache Corporation employees must wear their FRC clothing when:

Apache Contacts:

EHS Department - 337.354.8000
    To Report An Incident - 337.354.8000 (ask for EHS Dept.)
    To Report Emergency Condition - 1.855.296.6400

Medical Emergency Evacuation - 1.800.655.1414

Contractor Safety Management:
     David Dugas 337-354-8000
     Scott Benoit 713-296-6000

SEMS Questions -

Lafayette Production Operations - 337.354.8000

Houston Operations (GOM Shelf Region) - 713.296.6000

Regulatory Compliance - David Broussard 337.354.8000

Purchasing Department - 337.354.8000

Click HERE For Apache Website

The SEMS Quick Reference Guide will provide you with an outline of Apaches' SEMS Program and the functionality of the Apache website.