Forklift safety training is intended to prevent accidents, injuries and fatalities that may be caused by the improper and unsafe use of forklifts.  This training program explains the requirements of the OSHA standard, 1910.178 "Powered Industrial Trucks".

Forklift Training Course (PowerPoint Presentation)

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Forklift QUIZ

     Forklift QUIZ  - ANSWER KEY

Operator Evaluation Form

Forklift Qualification Card

Figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that, on the average, nearly 68,400 forklift accidents occur each year.  The accidents result in more than 80 fatalities and 34,900 serious injuries.  Forklift safety training can help reduce the number of accidents by teaching proper use and maintenance of these machines.

To the Instructor:  For best results, review the entire training program prior to class and pencil in any ideas and examples you want to use. 

As an instructor, you will play an important role in improving the safety of our employees.  Managers/supervisors must make sure that the persons chosen to operate forklifts utilize safe forklift operating techniques and approach their jobs responsibly and professionally.

Once all materials have been presented, each class participant should be quizzed; each class participant should pass a written test.  The written test should be followed by an operator evaluation (use Operator Evaluation Form).

Make sure to allow sufficient time for each class participant to experience every aspect of training.   Safety during training must be a top priority.


Daily visual inspections should be completed prior to use beginning each work shift.