(RFOC) Safety Topics


Aerial Lifts   General Safety Part 3   PEC Core Refresher 07
Back Injury Prevention   Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)   PEC Core Refresher 08
Basic 1st Aid & Incident Reporting   Halloween Safety   PEC Core Refresher 09
BBS Presentation   Heat Stress   PEC Core Refresher 10
BBS Synopsis   Heat Stress - Protect Yourself   PEC Core Refresher 11
Bloodborne Pathogens   Home Flooding   PEC Core Refresher 12
Carbon Monoxide   Home Chemicals   Permit Required Confined Spaces
Chain Saw Safety   Hurricane - Are You Ready?   Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Cold Weather Safety   Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)   Portable Generators
Confined Space Entry Awareness   Incident Reporting and Investigation   PPE and Hand Safety
Construction Hazards   Jump Starting Wet Cell Batteries   Respirators
Crane Safety   Life Jackets   Silicosis
Electrical Safety   Lock-Out / Tag-Out   Stop Work Authority
Elevated Work (work @ heights)   Lockout / Tagout   Vehicle Safety
Environmental Awareness   Noise Exposure   Verification of Calibration - Gas Monitors
Fall Protection   PEC Core Refresher 01   West Nile Virus
Fall Protection Awareness   PEC Core Refresher 02   Winter Driving Safety
Fall Protection Tips   PEC Core Refresher 03   Working Around Overhead Power Lines
Fire Prevention & Fire Extinguishers   PEC Core Refresher 04   Hand Hygiene
Food Safety   PEC Core Refresher 05   Hand Safety Awareness
General Safety Part 1   PEC Core Refresher 06   Hazard Recognition